Thank you for your interest in CAD-1 Technical Support. We strive to ensure that our clients stay as productive as possible despite occasional technical challenges. We maintain the only full-time telephone-based support group in the region, in addition to specialized instructional staff, in order to assist you. The support team is available Monday-Friday, 8 am to 4:30 pm MST.

It is important to us that you are successful with all Autodesk products purchased through CAD-1. The first step to that end is the telephone assisted installation support included with your software purchase. The installation support is intended to assist with the implementation of your new Autodesk software and ensure that it is installed correctly.

If your purchase includes maintenance, it is important to know that Autodesk manages and fulfills maintenance contracts. CAD-1 has no access to a client’s maintenance login information. The Autodesk site for managing maintenance is Autodesk Account, and the service offers several features, including:

• New product version fulfillment when released during the subscription contract period.

• Support questions submitted directly to Autodesk via the company’s web access.

• The privilege of continuing to use the previous versions of the software on maintenance – up to three versions back.

CAD-1 offers support options at different levels to ensure continued success after your new software is up and running. CAD-1 support is divided into two categories – technical support and training support. The descriptions of each will help you decide which support option will help make your employees the most productive in resolving issues and meeting project deadlines. 


Technical Support covers problems connected with the installation, configuration and operation of the software. 

 Installation ● Plotting Problems ● Configuration ● Error Messages

 FlexLM Installation ● Network Deployment Creation  ● File Corruption Diagnosis

 Autodesk Product Interoperability ● Troubleshooting Product Behavior


Mentoring Support covers problems with knowledge of features, customization assistance and enterprise wide implementation of the software. 


 How to Questions ● Customization Migration ●Customization Creation

 Enterprise Application Implementation ● Standards Creation ● Feature Based Training


Support Options:

Per Incident Support (Technical Support) The per-incident fee covers one or more questions that relate to a single issue, asked by one person either by phone or e-mail. Call the CAD-1 Support Center at 303-217-5174 or toll free at 866-270-9617, Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm MST. Price is $100.00 per incident (credit card only). Please call or purchase online here.


Semi-Annual Unlimited Phone Support (Technical Support) A semi-annual fee covers unlimited phone and email questions for 6 months. This plan is designed for companies that have more than a few questions, don’t want to or can’t sign up for the entire year of support, but still want to ensure that support is available to their employees. Price is $350 per 6 months. Please call CAD-1 to purchase this plan.

Annual Phone Support Unlimited (Technical Support) This annual fee covers unlimited phone and email questions. The plan is ideal for companies that want to ensure support assistance is available to their employees and want a fixed annual price. Price is $595 per year. Please call, or purchase online here.


Mentoring Support (Training Support) – An hourly fee covers phone training via an Internet meeting and covers any questions, including those outlined in Mentoring Support above. To ensure the appropriate technician will be available, this service must be scheduled through your CAD-1 account representative at 303-427-2231. Price is $280 per hour. $140 per hour with an Unlimited Support Contract and $280 per hour without an Unlimited Support Contract.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you.