With the newer releases of AutoCAD (2015 onwards), some users may have noticed the removal of the “AutoCAD Classic” Workspace. This blog guides you through how to restore a “Classic” style workspace.

Save your current workspace as, and give this a name (“Classic” for example). This will ensure you can always revert to the standard, if anything happens:

Make sure you set the Workspace Settings to save Changes, this is in the Workspace Settings menu:

Next "Show Menu Bar":

We recommend keeping the Ribbon open so you can learn to use it, as it will make transitions easier in future releases, and it's a highly useful and functional tool, but if you do choose to close it...

In the command line type RIBBONCLOSE

Finally turn on the toolbars. This can be done from the Menu Bar:

The default toolbars present in AutoCAD 2014 Classic Workspace are:

  • Draw
  • Draw Order
  • Layers
  • Modify
  • Properties
  • Standard
  • Styles

This now gives you toolbars back. Arrange them to your desired location on screen, docked or undocked, then I would recommend saving your workspace again at this point, just to be safe.  Choose Save Current As --->

Some other settings you may want to adjust to make it more "Classic" like:

To turn of the newer lasso selection in the command line set the PICKAUTO system variable to 3 (see also the settings for Selection tab in Options below).

To turn off the high quality geometry, set HQGEOM system variable to 0, and then set LINESMOOTHINGsystem variable to 0.

Options settings:

Type in OPTIONS at your command line to bring up the Options dialog box.

On the Display tab the items highlighted below are as they would be set in Classic Mode. Also see the next image for Classic Colors.

On the display tab is a button for your on screen colors (screen background, crosshair, command line, etc.) There is a button that will restore classic colors.

Additionally over on the selection tab is where you can adjust the Lasso effect, and the selection preview settions (or as Warren calls it, the lightsaber effect) when you hover over an object or select an object.

And finally, I know some users prefer the right-click mouse to function as the enter command instead of the right click menus.  There is an option, and I do recommend using this during a transition period, I used it myself, to turn on a time-sensitive right click. Quick click for enter, longer click to display shortcut menus. There is a lot of beneficial tools in the right click menu, not the least of which is select similar. For those who want to set all options for right click, here is where to change that.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please let us know.