A Team hub associates people, projects, and data. A project is a unique location where a team keeps all related information in one shared place.

A Team hub includes team members. A hub has at least one administrator who can manage the access to projects and related content. If you are a team member, you can see all non-secret projects in the hub to which you have been invited. Project team members can share and access design data, discuss challenges and successes, and stay current with project activities.

Every project belongs to a hub and has its own data, people, calendar, and wiki. When you browse to BIM 360 Team from file navigation in Revit, Revit displays all projects across the hubs where you are a member. BIM 360 Team projects can aggregate multiple data types. However, when you use the File Open dialog to browse to BIM 360 Team, you will only see the Collaboration for Revit models that are part of the project on BIM 360 Team.