Upgrade is the wrong term! Below are the steps to get your models from 2015 to 2016...

  • Open Revit 2015 (with C4R installed)
  • Browse to the A360 project that you want to upgrade
  • Open each Revit model and save it to your local workstation
  • Create a new project to be used with A360 Collaboration for Revit 2016 in your A360 team hub
  • Open Revit 2016 (need C4R installed for 2016 first of course)
  • Open each Revit model that you saved to your local workstation save it after it upgrades to 2016
  • Initiate Collaboration on each model and specify the 2016 project name that was created on A360 earlier
  • The model is associated with the new A360 Collaboration for Revit 2016 project
  • Re-link any Revit models as required
  • Let everyone know that they should use the 2016 project now
There are now two separate and distinct projects (2015 format and 2016 format). Everyone must use the upgraded (2016) project and models now. Remember to rename the 2015 version of the project or deactivate it via A360.