The default install type is standalone, but that can't be activated is the serial number is for a network license. Now, with Autodesk 2017 products you can now easily change the license type from standalone to network or vise versa with the following steps.
  • Launch your Autodesk 2017 product and choose the Help > About pulldown from the upper right-hand corner where the help ? bubble is located. 
  • Choose the new Manage License... button (formerly Product Information) on the resulting window.


  • Under the new License Manager screen, choose the option for Change license type next to your installed product.  Note the change that this is also the location where you borrow a network license.


    • Verify that you want to change the license type by clicking the Change button on the resulting window.


    • If you are on a network version, you may get the familiar warning to save and quit since your network license has now been removed.  Choose the option that best fits your needs and let your Autodesk product close.


    • Launch your Autodesk product again.  You will now be presented with the licensing screen just as if you installed it fresh.  Choose the option that best fits your needs.  If you are on a network version and do not have access to your network license manager because you forgot to borrow, then you can run a 30-day trial for one time only.  A trial will only work once and cannot be reset.


    If the product is not accessible:

    1. Open Windows Explorer (Not Internet Explorer).
    2. Navigate to:
      • ​​PC Installs: C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\CLM\LGS\<product key>_<<product version>>\
      • MAC Installs: \Library\Application\Support\Autodesk\CLM\LGS\<product key>_<<product version>>\
    3. Delete the file.
    4. Start the program and the LGS (Let’s Get Started) screen should display.
    5. Select the appropriate license type and follow the prompts.
      Note: Windows users may need to set their Explorer window to view hidden files and folders.